About MRI

To our patients undergoing MRI examination

This is a brief explanation about MRI for our patients to undergo MRI examination without worry and anxiety.
Please read it before undergoing MRI examination.

1. What is MRI examination?

  • MRI equipment can be considered as a big magnet with a hole in the middle, where a body is placed.
    By applying radio waves used in FM radio to the body placed inside the MRI equipment, the images of inside of the body will be created. MRI examination is very useful to diagnose diseases since the fresh tomographic images of inside of the body can be obtained.

2. Important Note before undergoing MRI examination

  • Please eat normally on the day of the examination.
    However, if there is an instruction from a doctor, you may be asked to refrain from eating.
  • Please take your regular medicines unless there is an instruction from a doctor.
  • Please inform us in advance about any of the following conditions, as you may not be able to undergo MRI examination.
    • Those who have a cardiac pacemaker or an intrauterine device (IUD) inside the body.
    • Those who have metals such as an artificial joint or brain artery clip in the body
    • Those who are pregnant or have a possibility of being pregnant.
    • Those who are claustrophobic.

3. Preparation before MRI examination

  • Please make sure to remove any of the followings as some metal interfere with MRI examination.
    • Jewelries:watch, ring, necklace, earrings, or hairpin
    • Glasses, hearing aid, or false teeth
    • Underwear with metal objects: bra or slip
    • You may be asked to remove your makeup, which may contain some metal (e.g. mascara).

4. Important Note when Starting / Undergoing MRI examination

  • Please lie down on your back on the examining table of MRI equipment, loosen your body and relax.
  • The duration of examination is normally about 30 – 60 min, however it varies depending on the purpose and the examining region.
  • MRI examination causes no pain. So please DO NOT move during the examination.
  • Please be at ease that you can talk to the MRI examiner via microphone anytime during the examination.
  • MRI contrast agent may be injected into a vein.
    The purpose of using the contrast agent is to enhance the clarity of the examining region. It has very few side effects, however if you start to feel sick during the examination by any chance, please let us know.
  • MRI equipment produces tapping noise during the examination.
    However, there is nothing to fear or worry about. So please DO NOT move, and keep lying on the table.



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