About Dizziness

Is it better to see a doctor while experiencing dizziness?

You can see a doctor even when you are not experiencing dizziness.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, an appointment is required to see Dr. Irino.

Is the cost covered by insurance?

Yes, it is covered by Japanese health insurance.

How much does it cost for the visits and medical examinations?

With 2-3 visits, your out-of-pocket cost will be about 10-20 thousand yen, if your insurance coverage is 70%.

Since I live far away, I would like to keep the number of visits to your clinic to a minimum.

An appointment in advance is required.
Many of our patients come not only from Kansai area, but also from all over Japan.
We’ll try to keep your visits to a minimum – about 1-3 days, if you’re from a distant location including abroad. Please call Mr. Tora Moriguchi (080-6182-0358) for consultation and appointment.

Comprehensive Other Items (Health Check)

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, an appointment is required.
Please contact us at least one month prior to your preferred date.

Is it possible to have the examination in the afternoon, or on Saturday, Sunday, or national holidays?

The examination is conducted in the morning, Monday through Friday. Please note that Friday is the Gynecology Day, and only available for females and married couples.


My friend speaks only English. Is support in English available?

We have many foreign patients.
If you have problem with Japanese language, an English speaker will support you.

I live abroad. I need a medical certificate in English.
Is it possible for a doctor to prepare it during my brief return to Japan?

Yes. We can provide English document and will mail it to your preferred address later date.

Is there parking available?

Yes, there is a paid parking area beside our clinic. Please show the parking ticket to a receptionist, and we’ll provide you with 200 yen parking coupon.



TELMedical checkup

  • Outpatient:06-6632-3325
  • Medical checkup:06-6634-0350